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This ad was originally developed for the program given out during the first Veggie Pride Parade in the United States, which took place in New York City on May 18, 2008. Now, there's a version of the graphic that individuals and veggie groups can use as a banner on their websites or blogs. Feel free to download this image and use it as a link to

Copy the text below, and paste it to your website:

Flyers, Flyers, Everywhere!

Post these half-page flyers on bulletin boards, poles, and anywhere else where such bills are legally allowed! The color version prints beautifully on white paper, while the black-and-white will look great on many bright colors of stock. Simply download a PDF, print on standard letter-sized paper, cut along the dotted line, and start posting!

Pocket-Sized Promotions!

Tired of searching for a pen and paper every time you want to refer people to The VRG's website? Then, pass them a business card-sized promo instead! Choose from black-and-white or color versions, print out a sheet of 10 on paper or cardstock, and cut along the dotted lines. Voila! Instant business cards! You can even add your personal info or your group's contact info on the back!

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