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At the current time, we have a year backlog of information to print, and are not looking for articles unless they are totally unique. The articles we publish are usually written by registered dietitians and individuals with a science background. We are open to non-paid articles by others, and possibly a paid feature for a super idea. If you have a great idea that you would like to be paid for, please send a query letter along with a resume, and indicate that you would like to be paid. We generally pay $100 to $200 per article, and $25 per drawing.

Vegetarianism is the abstinence of meat, fish, and fowl. A vegan is a vegetarian who also does not use other animal products. Vegetarian Journal covers the interrelated aspects of vegetarianism which includes health, nutrition, recipes, ethics, ecology, and economics. All nutrition and health articles are reviewed by a registered dietitian and/or an M.D. Readers include both lay public and health professionals. Vegetarian Journal articles are vegan oriented. All recipes must be vegan.

Information should be documented and related to one of the above facets of vegetarianism or veganism. Articles usually convey practical information about being a vegetarian or explore a vegetarian issue in depth which would both be of interest to educated consumers and would help a professional audience convey information to their clients, patients, or students.

We are not looking for "holistic" articles or pieces which would run in a general consumer magazine. Issues should be critically evaluated. It is usually best to start by writing about a subject in which you have been involved.

We publish book reviews, but do not reimburse writers for them.

A sample copy of the 36-page Vegetarian Journal is $4.00. We do not accept advertising.

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