Veggie Bits

Veggie-Packed Guacamole

Sabra, famous for their tasty hummus, recently introduced Veggie Fusion guacamole to their lineup in three flavors: Mango Lime, Garden Vegetable, and Southwestern. I loved how chunky the Garden Vegetable is; the carrots, squash, and peppers add supreme texture to an already thick guacamole. The Southwestern Veggie Fusion flavor has a zesty taste and the black beans give it a Tex-Mex flair. Love sweet and savory? Mango Lime offers a spritz of citrus and juicy mango. The guacamole is vacuum-sealed, keeping the avocados tasting fresh and the flavor sharp. Veggie Fusions will be a perfect lunchtime snack with tortilla chips or veggies to dip! See for where to purchase near you!

Written by Heather Francis, VRG Intern.

Lime Seaweed

The Roasted Lime Seaweed from SeaSnax certainly are "strangely addictive" as advertised! For those who have never tried roasted seaweed, it is a popular supplement to many Asian-inspired cuisines and is traditionally cut into paper-thin, crisp, and delicate sheets, sometimes with a touch of oil for taste. In this SeaSnax product, the lime adds a unique vinegar-like tanginess to the otherwise mild, roasted aftertaste. The bold taste complements the light texture of the seaweed. These sheets would go well rolled into some rice, or they can be a convenient to-go snack. I found the seaweed to be a wonderful snacking alternative to popcorn during a good movie.

SeaSnax products are currently available in health foods stores all over the world. Visit SeaSnax's website at for more information.

Written by Hana Takemoto, VRG Intern.

Vegan “Heat and Eat” Meals

Beyond Meat has now incorporated their 100% plant-protein Chicken Strips and Beef Crumbles that taste almost identical to chicken and beef into frozen meals. There are four flavors: Roasted Sweet Potato Chili with Beyond Beef, Indian Curry with Beyond Chicken, Vietnamese Lemongrass with Beyond Chicken, and Korean BBQ with Beyond Chicken. Each ingredient is listed on the front, so you know exactly what you're eating without having to inspect the entire box. The Roasted Sweet Potato Chili tastes like chili I would cook in a crockpot at home, and is my favorite out of the four choices. The curry is filled with potatoes and cauliflower, and has an intense kick in the sauce, perfect for your spicy cravings. The best part about the Beyond Meat Single Serve Meals is how unique each one is, ranging from a curry to chili to Vietnamese to Korean. These meals take about five minutes in the microwave, are under 500 calories, and are the perfect size for lunch or dinner. Find Single Serve Meals in a frozen aisle near you:

Written by Heather Francis, VRG Intern.

Organic Seitan

The Organic Seitan by Pacific Foods is conveniently packaged in a small and easy-to-store container but carries a big punch of nutrition and flavor with 15 to 16 grams of protein per serving. The seitan is made of a combination of wheat protein, beans, and sprouted lentils. A selection of the Original, Italian Herb, and Korean BBQ flavors makes adding this product into dishes easy! The chewy texture and smoky flavor of the Korean BBQ and the earthiness of the Italian Herb allow for the product to act as a convenient vegan "meat" addition in stirfry, salads, sandwiches, and many more. Look for it at retailers, including Safeway, Whole Foods, and Harris Teeter, or visit their website at

Written by Hana Takemoto, VRG Intern.