Vegetarian Journal 2012 Issue 3


Celebration Meals
Chef Nancy Berkoff helps you pull off parties with ease!
30 Memorable Activities
From The VRG's 30 Years of Activism
Top Vegan Foods 30 Years Ago Vs. Today
Christine Kasum Sexton, MPH, asks leading dietitians about their views.
Remember When?
VRG volunteers and staff take Amanda J. Gilley down memory lane.
Vegan Restaurants Across the USA
Debra Wasserman finds essential eateries for your next road trip!
Looking Back and Looking Forward
Six luminaries consider the vegetarian movement's past and future.
30 Ways to Celebrate with The VRG
Over the Next 30 Years
List of 30th Anniversary Donors
Special thanks to all of our VRG supporters!)


Nutrition Hotline
Note from the Coordinators
Letters to the Editors
Notes from The VRG Scientific Department
Vegan Cooking Tips
30 Vegan Meal Ideas Even Non-Vegetarians Will Enjoy!
By Chef Nancy Berkoff, RD, EdD, CCE
Scientific Update
Back Cover
VRG Teaches Interns About Veganism/Candle 79 Party