Letters to the Editors

Venerable Member Still Sharing Copies of VJ With Others

If you have an extra copy of the magazine around, I�d love to share it with family and friends, all of whom are interested in organic farming, gardening, and food. At 100 years plus, I�m glad to be a loyal member of VRG�s Circle of Compassion!

Congratulations on all your achievements in spreading awareness and awakening on our oneder full (wonderful) planet!

Elmira L, CT

Viva Mexican Food!

In response to �Vegan in a Mexican Household� in Issue 1,2011, of Vegetarian Journal:

Thank you for exploring how easy it is to veganize my favorite cuisine, Mexican food! I went vegan in 2002, and the very first dishes I sought to make with plant-based ingredients were tacos, enchiladas, and burritos. It was surprisingly simple, and Veronica Lizaola�s article offers some new recipes I know I�ll be trying soon.

In addition to your magazine, a resource your readers will find very useful is , a website devoted to making delicious, satisfying south-of-the-border meals without meat, eggs, or dairy.

Mark H, via email

Hey, VRG! Did You Know That Link Isn�t Working Anymore?

In response to �The American Dietetic Association Publishes a New Position Paper on Vegetarian Diets� in the �Scientific Update� in Issue 1, 2010, of Vegetarian Journal:

Not being a member of the American Dietetic Association (ADA), we could not get to the ADA paper referenced on page 13 using the link given, eatright.org/ada/files/VegetarianPositionFINAL.pdf. However, it is retrievable by going to and searching for �Vegetarian Position FINAL.�

Hal and Donna via e-mail

Note: The VJ staff apologizes for this inconvenience. The following links to the ADA�s position paper are working at the time of this issue�s publication