Thank you to all of our members who have been using VRG�s MBNA/ Bank of America credit cards over the past 15 years. It appears that Bank of America is dropping many organizations similar to The Vegetarian Resource Group, so VRG no longer receives a royalty when you use that credit card. However, you can sign up for The Vegetarian Resource Group UB credit card, and VRG will receive $50 to support our outreach after the card�s first use. For information and disclaimers, go to Also, special thanks to Davida Breier and Janet Steinberg for the cards� beautiful images,which include cow, chicken, vegetable, and fruit design choices.

Congratulations to VRG IT guru and jack-of-all-trades John Cunningham and his wife Kim upon the arrival of their vegetarian twins, Sophia and Jonah. They will probably be walking in opposite directions by the time you read this!

Welcome to Mary Herbranson, VRG�s new Volunteer Coordinator. If you�d like to volunteer on a small or large project either in Baltimore or via long-distance, please let Mary know your interests and availability.

Kudos to Eric Sharer for the work he did to coordinate VRG booths at the FamilyFarmed EXPO and other conferences around Chicago. If you�d like to volunteer to do booths, hand out literature, help to keep our restaurant guide current, or assist with fundraising, please e-mail Mary at

Congratulations to VRG Nutrition Advisor Reed Mangels for completing a new book on pregnancy and vegan diets and, at the same time, submitting VRG�s testimony on school lunches to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. In addition, thank you to Reed and Cathy Conway for staffing the VRG booth at the American Dietetic Association Food and Nutrition Conference and Exhibition in San Diego while the VRG staff coordinates a booth at the Natural Products Expo in Baltimore for the same dates this September. If you�re going to San Diego, please join VRG for a vegan Indian dinner. And if you are traveling to San Diego, Baltimore, or any other American or Canadian city, you can find veggie-friendly restaurants listed at

Lots of credit is also due to Heather Gorn, who continues to manage our blog while hard at work on her graduate studies in the UK. You can keep up with the latest postings at If you can volunteer to help convert Journal articles into HTML for our website, e-mail

Thank you for your ongoing support!