Vegetarian Journal 2011 Issue 2


Peruvian Vegan Cuisine
The Land of the Incas inspires Chef Nancy Berkoff's latest recipes.

Heather Gorn explores a new literary field centered on the environment.

Ecocriticism As Vegetarian Activism
Jeanne Yacoubou, MS, provides tips to help readers make a difference.

Implementing Salad Bars in Public Schools
Ashley Boss surveys school nutrition personnel, teachers, parents, and students about salad bar options for this Foodservice Update.

How to Develop and Promote Salad Bars in Primary Schools
Julia Driggers, RD, offers advice about getting started.

Meatless in Moscow
VJ Senior Editor Keryl Cryer scours Russia's capital for vegetarian fare.


Nutrition Hotline
What are chia seeds, and do they have any dietary benefits? Will going vegan make me gain weight? And which Indian breads are typically vegan?

Note from the Coordinators

Letters to the Editors

Denny's Offers Amy's Kitchen Vegan Burger on a Vegan Bun

Scientific Update

Vegan Cooking Tips
Tortilla Dishes, by Chef Nancy Berkoff, RD, EdD, CCE

Notes from the VRG Scientific Department

Veggie Bits

Book Reviews


Vegetarian Action
Mary Ella Steck and Centro Latino, by Veronica Lizaola

Back Cover
VRG Outreach Booths