Vegetarian Journal 2010 Issue 2


Vegan Cowboy Cuisine
Rustle up some tempeh ribs, baked beans, cornbread, biscuits, quesadillas, and other favorites with Debra Daniels-Zeller's recipes.

Organic Farming From the Farmers' Point of View
Debra Wasserman interviews growers from around the country.

Factors Involved in Calculating Grain:Meat Conversion Ratios
VRG Research Director Jeanne Yacoubou, MS, considers the different amounts of grains and legumes needed to raise animals for meat.

Delightful Eggplant Dishes From the Middle East and North Africa
Habeeb Salloum makes aubergine salads, dips, casseroles, and more.

Cold Salads for Warm Months
Create easy salads and dressings with Chef Nancy Berkoff, RD, EdD.


Nutrition Hotline
What is gout, and what can I do to lessen its symptoms?

Note from the Coordinators

Letters to the Editors

Vegan Cooking Tips
Vegan Ground Round, by Chef Nancy Berkoff, RD, EdD, CCE

Scientific Update

Notes from the VRG Scientific Department

Veggie Bits

Book Reviews


Vegetarian Action
Promoting Vegetarianism in the Heartland, by Valerie Soszynski

Back Cover
New "Save Our Water" Brochure and
Top Restaurant Chains for Vegetarians and Vegans