Vegetarian Journal 2001 Issue September


Awesome Autumn Desserts From Our Past
by Debra Daniels-Zeller
Cheers for the Chickpea
by Jacqueline Dunnington
Coconut Cooking
by Chef Nancy Berkoff
The AHA Calls for Eating Fish Twice per Week
What's a Vegetarian to Do? by Gail Nelson
Eating Vegan on Campus
by Sara Chatfield, MPH, RD


Nutrition Hotline
Concerns about mad cow disease, and vegetarian calcium sources
Notes from the Coordinators
Letters to the Editors
Product Review
Guide to Products for Kids
Scientific Update
A Review of Recent Scientific Papers Related to Vegetarianism
Vegan Cooking Tips
From Chef Nancy Berkoff: How to prepare pilafs; quick meal ideas for a grab-and-go breakfast
Notes from the Scientific Department
VRG in the News
Veggie Bits
Book Reviews
Vegetarian Action:
Are Those Brains Vegan? Interview with Horror Actress Linnea Quigley, By Davida Gypsy Breier